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Fear for … ?

fear is a natural phenomena isn’t it ? you didn’t learn it, it comes into this world along with you, when you were kid and wanted to get down from the bed, you wouldn’t – but you would just cry to get some attention and want some one around you to carry you down.

Today, I see so much fear in eyes of people, fear of falling down from where ever they are, because we all think we put lot of effort to make up here – where we are today. We don’t want to get up for a while because the seat we are in could be gone in no time. We want to stay in control, in charge, directing, dictating, growing and what not.

Are the facts of fear are only in losing some thing we own or is it some thing else as well, some times gaining more also brings in fear. What if I get lot of attention which I am not used to ?

A person who is afraid to lose can never gain. We must learn to give up some thing to gain. Be careful what you are giving up to gain and if it is worth it. Giving up your self respect to achieve some thing, giving up your pride to make instant money, giving up your friendship to move up in the chain are few examples for negative deals.

Just imagine if Sun was afraid of losing it’s energy and not producing enough light, a cloud afraid of losing rain from it and getting invisible, a wind hitting a mountain and losing it’s direction.

Fear is always around, you need to over come your fear and make necessary adjustments such that it doesn’t affect you, if you know nothing is going to change and it’s happening for better then you will overcome the fear instantly. What happens if I know I am going to lose all the money or my learning is not going to be useful in few months from now or I might not be suitable for this organization any more. They are natural and they are bound to happen, you cannot control these natural changes around you, when these are not in your control then why the fear is in your control ? let it go. you will find an alternate solution, you occupy a space and when you move, your space is occupied by some one else and in turn you have occupied some one else’s space. The problem you get into was some one else’s and will be some one else’s later all you have to do is pass the ball and don’t be afraid.



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