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Who helps whom ?

Imagine if tree decides one day to stop making fruits, does it affect me more or it affects the tree itself. It affects the tree more, because it cannot consume all the food it prepared in its leaves and naturally it was supposed to put the excess in the form of fruits and I am helping tree by eating the fruits. If no one plucks it then it cannot bear the weight of fruits for long.

Who is helping whom ?

We consume to live, but we need helpers to help us live, which in turn is helping them to live. The chain reaction or the dependency factor cannot be overridden, it’s part of the process plan that is pre-documented. Food is prepared even before it’s consumer is born and even before some thing is born it’s food is getting ready. So does the nature stays alive.

We have a lot to learn from nature, with the example below if tree stops producing oxygen then even before human dies, the tree it self suffocates and dies. Man must learn, what ever he may have in excess it’s his responsibility to throw it out in open for others to consume because that eventually becomes the cause of his death. It could be wealth, food, good life style, …

More you think you will wonder what you are made of, made of plants ? minerals from the earth ? animals ? but you still don’t resemble plants or the mud or the animals. The conversion process is immaterial to what you used to prepare yourself. When I breathe in, I guess it’s the residue of some thing that was already consumed by forests, animals, sand and what not, I cannot avoid breathing just because I don’t want to share. The sharing is inbuilt in the system.




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The Goal … What ?

Who sets the goal ? and for what ? Never understood the importance of setting a Goal. But still I do.

My friend used to say, you stretch to achieve some thing that’s fine but you should look at other things around you that you are stretching to achieve the goal you set. You play to your strengths, but you should learn to play to others strengths, only then the success is shared and happiness is spread. The others could be people, machine, nature, etc.

More to do in the world and things are moving fast, where and when to set the goal doesn’t get┬ádefined. Periodically the mind needs to settle and set to meet the goal. The set sometimes looks as if it’s reset but it won’t be, you think you are starting from scratch but it’s not like that, though you start again now you have the learning from the past that will make you pass from your previous failures.

Going beyond your strengths is always the right thing to do, but at what cost ? this should be measured and analyzed before one proceeds. If this requires you to break your knee, this isn’t the right thing to do, isn’t it ?

Complexity is in everything, the world is a complex puzzle only if you try to solve it, but why am I trying to solve something I don’t know or that doesn’t fetch me anything ? Be aware of your surroundings, they motivate you consistently to get indulge in this puzzle game, they take you around and make you believe you are getting successful and solving the right thing, but that’s not true, when you finish you will realize you did nothing but just lost the battle to peace. Because peace is eternal.

Goals are part of desires and when you desire some thing to achieve proportional to or with respect to time you set the goal. The desire is the cause of human error. There is nothing wrong in accepting something that was meant for you, but completely wrong in anticipating that is not meant for you, you need to figure out if you are accepting or anticipating. The works of others are beneficial to you if you make it useful to others, they put you under complications if you are using for self. So, go set the trend, move with the pace of the wind that is driving you, go towards the goal that is set for you, you will succeed no matter what stops you.

Knowing is believing, believing is not knowing as it’s already known.



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