Moving on the horizon

24 Mar

The place where earth meets the sky, though there is no such place practically, I would prefer to “moving on the horizon”.


There is sun and there is moon and one lights the another, the stars far from the eye lights themselves. Unfortunately these are just my assumptions in reality there is no concept of turning OFF in universe, the sun is always bright and moon is always shining. The moving of the horizon changes the state of environment and that reflects the changes on human mind.

When I move I create a space for others to come to that place and I occupy the place of others. The space is more important than my movement itself. Because if there was no space then the movement isn’t possible. So the world has to move on by moving on the horizon.

Everything we believe should be scientifically proven isn’t it ? otherwise we don’t believe. I actually believe that nature teaches us and using that man makes artificial things to understand and believe what is was already the Truth. Why don’t you just believe in first place. We are used to tinker and learn.

Assume there was no brain in human, there was just a heart. What could have happened. we would have lost our way to home ? never learnt anything fresh ? no memory to remember who we were and what we were doing ? The brain should have been treated just like a transmitter of messages to and from sense organs unfortunately we have made it the controller of sense organs. Actually the decisions brain takes are illogical but practical where are the decisions from heart are logical and some times they seem impractical but some how they do get done. The human heart ties to the eco-system and not the brain, therefore it is the first thing that comes up alive in womb of a mother and it stops when every thing is just stopped. A person is alive even when brain stopped working, but the vice versa is not possible.

I always get surprised by my existence itself, like a creature searching for something that already exists next to me and I cannot see or feel it because I didn’t notice it.  Throw your hearts and minds open and you will see everything is moving on the horizon.


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