Accept it …

14 Mar

a) There is a Creator

b) Everything gets created with His Will.

c) But what gets created is not new, it’s just assembled from what was already there. Then gets dismantled but it’s still there in some or the other form.

d) Express your desire, if it aligns with the creator’s will, you get Will Power to complete it or execute it.

e) Your Will will not match the Will of the creator only if it affects the (His) eco-system. So put a checklist on your new desire.

f) If your Will(desire) doesn’t match with Will of Creator, then you will be resisted by everything in this / His eco-system.

g) If you become powerful and try to go against the will (you are evil), then eco-system gets additional energy from creator to put you back in different form and remember you still exist.

Is your Creator asking you to Worship Him ? No. He want’s you to submit to “His Will” completely. No Hypocrisy. Just like the Earth, Sun, Moon, Trees, even Animals, they are not going against the Will.

If you keep the “religion” brand / Tag aside, I think this is what is science and truth – isn’t it ? Some how I feel there was no concept of religion at all any where … as soon as some one described this in a language, dress code, region, “We Tagged it … branded it .. and sold it … and fought for it”. Poor us …

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