essential and desire

12 Mar

What’s essential ? Nothing to begin with. Then slowly the desire “to be” enters the space. Then comes the existence, this slowly and very slowly starts to absorb, this makes the matter. The matter then takes a form to prove the existence. The matter derives the attributes from its own environment. It’s seen to believe. The seen gets a name, a value and it’s own place and association.

So, from nothing to some thing is a journey that’s very substantial and subjective. Grow and Grown has very little difference, because both never know the next stage. They can only predict seeing similar things around them. How much can one predict. What is shown is what you can see at max, but that is your limitation. What can be shown is just infinite.

Some thing that exists always exists in some or the other form, some thing that doesn’t exist never existed. In order to exists, It should be a part of an essential desire.

Be and it is.

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