Master some thing isn’t right … isn’t it ?

16 Jan

When I wake up I pray to you Master to give me all the freedom to think, act according to your wish and let the day bring in new light into every-ones life in this universe.

Few things that nature teaches which I hardly remember during the day, everything takes time and it’s own course, a seed to grow into a plant and then a tree and then giving fruits takes ages. Same thing applies to many things in and around me. Still I lose patience on many things – things that I am not responsible for, things that are not in my control, things that aren’t meant for me to worry, things I want to see changed, things that are growing around me without my support and willing, …

The nature around me is so calm and still active, alert and at your service. I was supposed to be one among these – the sea, the wind, the rivers, the mountains, I don’t think there is enough of patience left anywhere in me.

Master, its your command that brings a life on this earth, you give provision, shelter, courage to establish, wisdom and strength to succeed, yet you permit me set my own rules and execute them on your behalf. Well, the strings belong to you and yet I get the freedom to pull in my own way till you tighten it to direct on the right path.

The day passes and I start seeing the sun fading on me but in reality it is rising up for my other friend in other corner of the same world. The darkness brings its own color with fruits of sustenance. Though there were many things I could have accomplished, I still give up with out driving because the need wasn’t clear. I believe I need more of you in me to keep me alive … yet I sleep with all your belongings spread around me … with all hopes that I would see them with new morning …

Thankyou for you running through me … where me is still with you …

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