Fear for … ?

fear is a natural phenomena isn’t it ? you didn’t learn it, it comes into this world along with you, when you were kid and wanted to get down from the bed, you wouldn’t – but you would just cry to get some attention and want some one around you to carry you down.

Today, I see so much fear in eyes of people, fear of falling down from where ever they are, because we all think we put lot of effort to make up here – where we are today. We don’t want to get up for a while because the seat we are in could be gone in no time. We want to stay in control, in charge, directing, dictating, growing and what not.

Are the facts of fear are only in losing some thing we own or is it some thing else as well, some times gaining more also brings in fear. What if I get lot of attention which I am not used to ?

A person who is afraid to lose can never gain. We must learn to give up some thing to gain. Be careful what you are giving up to gain and if it is worth it. Giving up your self respect to achieve some thing, giving up your pride to make instant money, giving up your friendship to move up in the chain are few examples for negative deals.

Just imagine if Sun was afraid of losing it’s energy and not producing enough light, a cloud afraid of losing rain from it and getting invisible, a wind hitting a mountain and losing it’s direction.

Fear is always around, you need to over come your fear and make necessary adjustments such that it doesn’t affect you, if you know nothing is going to change and it’s happening for better then you will overcome the fear instantly. What happens if I know I am going to lose all the money or my learning is not going to be useful in few months from now or I might not be suitable for this organization any more. They are natural and they are bound to happen, you cannot control these natural changes around you, when these are not in your control then why the fear is in your control ? let it go. you will find an alternate solution, you occupy a space and when you move, your space is occupied by some one else and in turn you have occupied some one else’s space. The problem you get into was some one else’s and will be some one else’s later all you have to do is pass the ball and don’t be afraid.



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Is this a master chef’s show ?

Some times I feel this world I am in is like a reality show – the master chef. Where I have been given all the resources and with in given time I as supposed to cook the delicious food. The big difference here is, the food I cook is for me to eat. So ? Can I cook what ever I can, anyways I am the one who is going to eat, I can manage. No, you cannot make some thing which you can manage to eat, you are supposed to prepare the best because it’s given to you when you get hungry.

The supervisor has no other way to ensure you are cooking the delicious thing but to join you in preparation, guide you along the process, assist you when in need, bring the best in you by giving you enough hints and problems to solve.

Go ahead prepare your dish for yourself under supervision of the MASTER CHEF.


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Who helps whom ?

Imagine if tree decides one day to stop making fruits, does it affect me more or it affects the tree itself. It affects the tree more, because it cannot consume all the food it prepared in its leaves and naturally it was supposed to put the excess in the form of fruits and I am helping tree by eating the fruits. If no one plucks it then it cannot bear the weight of fruits for long.

Who is helping whom ?

We consume to live, but we need helpers to help us live, which in turn is helping them to live. The chain reaction or the dependency factor cannot be overridden, it’s part of the process plan that is pre-documented. Food is prepared even before it’s consumer is born and even before some thing is born it’s food is getting ready. So does the nature stays alive.

We have a lot to learn from nature, with the example below if tree stops producing oxygen then even before human dies, the tree it self suffocates and dies. Man must learn, what ever he may have in excess it’s his responsibility to throw it out in open for others to consume because that eventually becomes the cause of his death. It could be wealth, food, good life style, …

More you think you will wonder what you are made of, made of plants ? minerals from the earth ? animals ? but you still don’t resemble plants or the mud or the animals. The conversion process is immaterial to what you used to prepare yourself. When I breathe in, I guess it’s the residue of some thing that was already consumed by forests, animals, sand and what not, I cannot avoid breathing just because I don’t want to share. The sharing is inbuilt in the system.




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The Goal … What ?

Who sets the goal ? and for what ? Never understood the importance of setting a Goal. But still I do.

My friend used to say, you stretch to achieve some thing that’s fine but you should look at other things around you that you are stretching to achieve the goal you set. You play to your strengths, but you should learn to play to others strengths, only then the success is shared and happiness is spread. The others could be people, machine, nature, etc.

More to do in the world and things are moving fast, where and when to set the goal doesn’t get defined. Periodically the mind needs to settle and set to meet the goal. The set sometimes looks as if it’s reset but it won’t be, you think you are starting from scratch but it’s not like that, though you start again now you have the learning from the past that will make you pass from your previous failures.

Going beyond your strengths is always the right thing to do, but at what cost ? this should be measured and analyzed before one proceeds. If this requires you to break your knee, this isn’t the right thing to do, isn’t it ?

Complexity is in everything, the world is a complex puzzle only if you try to solve it, but why am I trying to solve something I don’t know or that doesn’t fetch me anything ? Be aware of your surroundings, they motivate you consistently to get indulge in this puzzle game, they take you around and make you believe you are getting successful and solving the right thing, but that’s not true, when you finish you will realize you did nothing but just lost the battle to peace. Because peace is eternal.

Goals are part of desires and when you desire some thing to achieve proportional to or with respect to time you set the goal. The desire is the cause of human error. There is nothing wrong in accepting something that was meant for you, but completely wrong in anticipating that is not meant for you, you need to figure out if you are accepting or anticipating. The works of others are beneficial to you if you make it useful to others, they put you under complications if you are using for self. So, go set the trend, move with the pace of the wind that is driving you, go towards the goal that is set for you, you will succeed no matter what stops you.

Knowing is believing, believing is not knowing as it’s already known.



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Moving on the horizon

The place where earth meets the sky, though there is no such place practically, I would prefer to “moving on the horizon”.


There is sun and there is moon and one lights the another, the stars far from the eye lights themselves. Unfortunately these are just my assumptions in reality there is no concept of turning OFF in universe, the sun is always bright and moon is always shining. The moving of the horizon changes the state of environment and that reflects the changes on human mind.

When I move I create a space for others to come to that place and I occupy the place of others. The space is more important than my movement itself. Because if there was no space then the movement isn’t possible. So the world has to move on by moving on the horizon.

Everything we believe should be scientifically proven isn’t it ? otherwise we don’t believe. I actually believe that nature teaches us and using that man makes artificial things to understand and believe what is was already the Truth. Why don’t you just believe in first place. We are used to tinker and learn.

Assume there was no brain in human, there was just a heart. What could have happened. we would have lost our way to home ? never learnt anything fresh ? no memory to remember who we were and what we were doing ? The brain should have been treated just like a transmitter of messages to and from sense organs unfortunately we have made it the controller of sense organs. Actually the decisions brain takes are illogical but practical where are the decisions from heart are logical and some times they seem impractical but some how they do get done. The human heart ties to the eco-system and not the brain, therefore it is the first thing that comes up alive in womb of a mother and it stops when every thing is just stopped. A person is alive even when brain stopped working, but the vice versa is not possible.

I always get surprised by my existence itself, like a creature searching for something that already exists next to me and I cannot see or feel it because I didn’t notice it.  Throw your hearts and minds open and you will see everything is moving on the horizon.


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Me, Mine

Thanks to Dr. Shashidhara for sharing this lesson:

When I sleep who am I to myself ? I don’t know my name, my religion, my family, my property, my country, my car, etc. And when I wake up I immediately start accumulating and searching these and start fighting for my things. Poor me, I experience this every day in my life – yet I am so fond of these priceless “my” things, which really don’t belong to me.

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Don’t pretend, be what you are

A Neem tree has leaves which taste bitter. This tree gives fine wood used to make furniture, fire, etc. Imagine if this tree was pretending and gives you sweet leaves one day and you take big bunch of this to serve your guests. Obviously you will be disappointed. In nature around us, we have many things that don’t pretend and we love them for what they are. We love Banana tree for the fruit it gives, we don’t take Banana tree to make furniture, we know it’s property and what this is good for.

A human being is supposed to behave like others in nature, be what you are and you will find many people who will love you for your qualities. You may be bitter or sweet doesn’t matter. If you are bitter don’t show off as if you are sweet, this confuses and disappoints the people around us.

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Accept it …

a) There is a Creator

b) Everything gets created with His Will.

c) But what gets created is not new, it’s just assembled from what was already there. Then gets dismantled but it’s still there in some or the other form.

d) Express your desire, if it aligns with the creator’s will, you get Will Power to complete it or execute it.

e) Your Will will not match the Will of the creator only if it affects the (His) eco-system. So put a checklist on your new desire.

f) If your Will(desire) doesn’t match with Will of Creator, then you will be resisted by everything in this / His eco-system.

g) If you become powerful and try to go against the will (you are evil), then eco-system gets additional energy from creator to put you back in different form and remember you still exist.

Is your Creator asking you to Worship Him ? No. He want’s you to submit to “His Will” completely. No Hypocrisy. Just like the Earth, Sun, Moon, Trees, even Animals, they are not going against the Will.

If you keep the “religion” brand / Tag aside, I think this is what is science and truth – isn’t it ? Some how I feel there was no concept of religion at all any where … as soon as some one described this in a language, dress code, region, “We Tagged it … branded it .. and sold it … and fought for it”. Poor us …

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essential and desire

What’s essential ? Nothing to begin with. Then slowly the desire “to be” enters the space. Then comes the existence, this slowly and very slowly starts to absorb, this makes the matter. The matter then takes a form to prove the existence. The matter derives the attributes from its own environment. It’s seen to believe. The seen gets a name, a value and it’s own place and association.

So, from nothing to some thing is a journey that’s very substantial and subjective. Grow and Grown has very little difference, because both never know the next stage. They can only predict seeing similar things around them. How much can one predict. What is shown is what you can see at max, but that is your limitation. What can be shown is just infinite.

Some thing that exists always exists in some or the other form, some thing that doesn’t exist never existed. In order to exists, It should be a part of an essential desire.

Be and it is.

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Something distracts me from no where …

I thought it was my eyes but they were just innocently watching, the ears but they were just listening to the surrounding voices, the nose but it was just smelling, the tongue but it was just moving inside my mouth, the skin but it was just feeling the air around me … aren’t they doing the job in order well described to them ?

The wind pushes the water to clean itself, the water pushes the dust to clean the surface, the dust settles to clean the air, who is disturbing whom and why ?

Though I like it or not I will be forced into this recycling chain of nature and only to come back clean. But the pain of losing the existing, the unclear freshness state of being visible and more over the inner echo of survival keeps me on toes of excitement. Until I myself realize that I got into a well known state of presence from the state of absence the world statically stays around me, supporting me and my state.

The distraction is acceptable if it’s moving me into a better state of purity and unacceptable when it corrupts me and I just react like any other thing in nature, which is natural and lawful in the universal establishment.

Physically forcing me to “an experience” which isn’t of my interest is what ? If this is unforgivable then why just one ? there are many acts that fall under this category. While I was supposed to deliver the truth to this planet about the affairs of future, it’s so unfortunate that I got reverse engineered and got trained to act in haste and chastisement.

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